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Vertical well fracturing perforation completion
In the process of drilling vertical wells:
  •   In cases where wellbore trajectory is not perpendicular to the oil reservoir and in consideration of the problems
as arising from using conventional spiral cloth hole perforating technology, the company uses a new fixed-angle
directional perforating technology, and gyro orientation perforation construction process, so that the perforation
direction develops towards the direction where cracks are easy to be pressured or toward the direction of joint directions or main stress to achieve lower friction and therefore increase the effective drainage area of the reservoir.
  •   In drilling thin oil reservoirs, the company uses fixed-surface composite perforating technology to implement enhanced interference on the main natural principle. In the process of fracturing, horizontal fracture is formed in the near-wellbore region so that the surface area of the cracks is well within the thin layers.
  •   In response to the problems arising from multi-fracturing in vertical wells, the company uses a new type vertical layered fracturing technology - cableconveyed perforating - sleeve fracturing - bridge plug packer dividing process, and supplement with a given angle oriented perforating and fixed