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Multi-pulse FracGun Technology
Multi-pulse FracGun technology is an upgraded technology of FracGun technology which is the core technology of YilongHengye. Based on the mechanism of FracGun, propellant with different characteristics are loaded to create multiple pluses. In the structure design, a series of new technology are adopted: special scallop structure to increase the stand-off distance of shaped charges, optimized structure of the pressure relief hole on carriers, and intelligent sealing structure. As a result, while the penetration is significantly improved, multiple relief of the energy in sequence enables the propellant to act for a longer time with higher work efficiency and better fracturing effect.
Technical Advantages 
  •  Multi-pulse propellant technology to increase the fracture length
  •  Special structure of stand-off distance to increase the penetration depth
  •  Special pressure relief vent oriented to perforation tunnel, guarantying more and faster energy release into formation
  •  Intelligent sealing plug technology, realizing no pollution operation in wellbore 
  •  To break through the near-well bore damaged area and directly communicate with the original formation
  •  To remove the near well bore formation damage caused by drilling and cementing
  •  To increase the penetration fracture depth of the jet perforator
  •  To remove compact damage caused by jet perforation;
  •  Fractures generated will not to be affected by formation stress so that the fractures will not close up 
Oilfield Name: An Oilfield in East China – production comparison between Multi-pulse FracGun and conventional jet perforation
  •  Geological overview: located in the west side of the West Long Nan nose-shaped structure in the central depression area in the Songliao Basin; sandstone
  •  Wellbore structure: 139.7mm casing
  •  Perforation solution: 4’’ Multi-pulse FracGun and common 4’’ jet perforators are respectively applied in six wells distributed in the adjacent areas in the same zone in the same block.
  •  Conveyance: wireline conveyed perforation
  •  Results: The six wells with FracGun witnessed stable production. The total perforation interval depth of the six wells was 28.2m, average 4.7m per well; total daily production fluid was617bbl/d, and total daily oil production was 515bbl/day, with average water content of 21.8%. The average daily production fluid of a single well was 264bbl/d and daily oil production was 34bbl/d. In contrast, for the six wells with conventional jet perforator, the average daily production fluid of a single well was only 5.6bbl/d and daily oil production was only 34bbl/d.