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Horizontal Perforation Completion
In the development of low-permeability dense reservoirs:
  •  It is not economical to use hydraulic fracturing technology in the thin hydrocarbon layers (less than 20m thick). Therefore, the company adopts horizontal well multi-stage composite deep penetrating directional perforating technology, resulting in the crack network developing along the perforation direction in the formation with main crack extending as long as 5000mm above. With such technology, even the thin hydrocarbon can be perforated for oil and gas production.
  •  As it is not appropriate to directly use hydraulic fracturing to perforate the oil layer containing edge and bottom water layer, the company adopts horizontal multi-stage composite deep penetrating directional perforating technology to avoid the edge and bottom water to achieve perforation production 
  •  In cases where wellbore trajectory is deviated from oil layer, the company uses targeted compound perforating + gas fracturing technology to penetrate 5000 mm to realize the connection of apertures between the wellbore and reservoir so as to connect wellbore and reservoir.