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High Temperature Gelling Agent HY-02

Scope of Application

In the process of acid fracturing, can delay the acid rock reaction rate at high temperature, reduce fluid loss during the process of acid fracturing, achieve the purpose of deep acid fracturing.


High temperature gelling agent HY - 02 by heat-resistant polymer copolymer, solvent, dispersant and suspending agent into the emulsion or heat-resistant polymer, copolymer dispersant powder, has the good increase viscosity, and good heat resistance and shear resistance, can be used in the acid fluid system of the reservoir’s temperature below 180 .   

Technical Indicators


  Item  Indicator
   powder   emulsion
  Appearance  White powder  Brown viscous liquid
  Density (25°C), g/cm3  0.71.0  0.60.8
  Acid viscosity25),mPa·s 
 361.0% powder  362.0% emulsion
  degradation rate25),%       
 201.0% powder  202.0% emulsion

Performance Features
Good acid soluble, dissolving speed, field application configuration is very convenient and preparation of the liquid is more uniform; 
The viscosity-temperature characteristic is strong and the slow speed rate is high; 
It will gradually degrade In the spent acid environment, which is beneficial to the acid flowback thoroughly, can reduce the damage to reservoir. 


Field Applications 
It has been applied for 115 wells/times in Zhongyuan Oilfield and Puguang Gasfield, Obvious effects to increase production.